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For Sketchfest #40, prompt "Owl Princess".

This isn't what I expected either. Pencil and watercolor wash on 65lb sketch paper. About 5.5 x 8 inches. Another quick and badly-lit iPhone photo. I might scan it. Or not. Hm.

Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage


For Sketchfest #40, prompt "These Troll Hands".

Soft graphite and watercolor on some inexpensive cold press or other, 6.5 x 8.5 inches. I really am starting to use/need bigger paper... That's one of the scary things for me (too big too free too loose!) so good to see me pushing edges. I think I should use some opaque color to layer clay over his/her fingers but haven't/not sure quite how...

Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

Love Is Love

For Sketchfest #40, prompt "teapots in love".

Pencil sketch on 65lb sketch paper. For sale (as of this writing) at Sketchfest (to help fund the site). The original is on white paper, despite what it looks like at Sketchfest (I was able to make a better scan). Prints are available at in my deviantArt shop (also as of this writing).

Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

more shops than you can shake a stick at!

I started shaking out my online shops by collection, where art that's kinda thematically linked goes into its own "shop". Here's where I am at present; several shops need more within-shop consistency (of items), all need more sales (oh, wait, that's me), and not all art is available on all things. Email me if you'd like a particular something! I'll make it so if the image original or scan is suitable.

Enjoy! Shop when you can, share when you can't! ...or something. I'm always embarrassed to say that kind of thing....

Transmogrification Ink

For Sketchfest #39,, prompt "Mermaid Witch".

Trying to work out an idea in my head... Not quite it. The warped bubbling framing is ok; the witch's face not so much... Need fish and lighting reference. Also needs more soft pencils but no more time in Sketchfest! :)

Why yes, this is a crappy iPhone photo. It'll get updated as soon as I get access to a decent scanner.

Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

Goats, Tea, Tree

For Sketchfest #39,, prompt "Goats in Trees!".

Blue ballpoint scribble sketch on smooth Piccadilly paper

Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

Compass and Rose

For Sketchfest #39,, prompt "The compass rose blooms with unexplored directions".

This took me just about the hour, actually. Is it finished? I feel like there ought to be a stem but if it extends past the box, it wouldn't work... *puzzled*. It's also not what I *thought* of when I started sketching but I'm not sure how to do what I'm thinking (with maps and layers...a collage maybe...) Pencil on 65lb. Canson sketch paper. Made the upload grayscale to compensate for funny lighting in my office late at night...

The Blue Jay's Friend (ACEO)

Y'all already saw this if you're following me elsewhere, but hey.

Watercolor pencils and graphite on Arches hot press paper. Finally "finished" .. though still had to fight with the scanner.

Small prints, magnets, that kinda thing are available at deviantArt. Maybe more places later. Maybe a "Charming Pumpkins" Cafepress and/or Zazzle shop with this and Jack-o-the-Moon and Zucchini Moon and ... I dunno, maybe the witchy ladybugs. Should I dig up some useful time to do this in.

The original would be for sale too if I could figure out where I left it. I thought I'd put it in the ACEO card holder ... but ... no.... Huh.

Oh yeah: Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

Bombardier (WIP, maybe)

For International Fairy Day; ink and graphite on 60(?) lb. smooth Piccadilly sketch paper.

Now wondering whether to color and how (digitally? with paint directly on this wrong sort of paper? print on watercolor paper and then paint that like I did with "Coffee, Coffee Everywhere... and Not a Drop to Drink"?)

My husband said this was creepy! I was just trying to have a non-elegant, non-wispy, non-female fairy for Fairy Day, myself. Funny what comes out.

Of course, if you're following my page on Facebook, Whimsical Dreams Art, you already saw this! Figured I'd occasionally give sneak previews over there.

Prints and some doo-dads with this illo-as-is are available at deviantArt. Maybe more places later. Maybe after it gets painted somehow.

Oh yeah: Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

trickles of work and play

dog fed
bills paid
coffee drunk
application begun
toilet unplugged
messages left for client
kids tickled then fed
invoice printed and ready to mail
visiting friend scheduled (plus: with things to sleep on!)
card game played
dehumidifier dumped
call to artist info collected
called sib re nephew pickup
more coffee made

and all this before lunch!

sometimes, it goes well.next up (afternoon and beyond)Collapse )
(you know of course I have another even longer list of list of could/should dos after that!) (but I think I have these prioritized correctly.)(that I've listed these and not others)

Happy (birthday snail)

Ballpoint and watercolor pencil on 60 lb.(?) smooth Piccadilly sketch paper. Approx 5x7 inches.

Done for the prompt a snail's birthday party at Sketchfest 38. For sale over there.

Oh yeah: Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

changes in power, another venue

Been reading a lot about con harassment, mostly first person stuff, some harassed/attacked, some allies, some bystanders. I've never been to a con. (go figure). I have a couple of thoughts, and then I'll share some so you can too...

* I'm deeply grateful there is an increasing sense of room and freedom and support to speak. (Aside: how have demographics, especially of age, changed at cons?)

* I am fairly surprised and bewildered by those who thought sexual harassment had stopped. Anywhere. (Seen quite a bit of that in various comments).

* This feels like change a'coming. Slow, awkwardly, painfully, with backlash, because change does that on all scales. But good change.

A few worth reading because they are also recipes for change:

On experiencing:

On bystanding:

On being an ally:

On reporting:

the Gnome Gourmand ACEO

Ink, watercolor, and watercolor pencils on watercolor ACEO blank. (Might be Arches paper, might be Strathmore). Followed, as I keep forgetting, by a terrible scanner that has no idea about yellows. Or blues. **sigh!**

Not thrilled with this--should he have some of his hair visible? How could I better the lights? That really is a creamy almost-yellow tablecloth... I do not know how to draw/paint napkin rings yet.... Much to learn! Finished? Maybe. As far as I can work with it? I think so. (I just added more watercolor pencil work, some of which stayed dry. I tried to deepen the shadows. PLEASE, all comments, critiques, suggestions are WELCOME!)

Done for the prompt Gnome in gourmet restaurant at Sketchfest 38. For sale over there.

Oh yeah: Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

the way a Saturday should be

Rather productive day. Made blueberry bread and mini banana breads for tomorrow's Early Birders. Bathed. Fiddled some sketch images, put 'em on RedBubble and Goblin Dreams at Zazzle. Cleaned the car with Mo. Did scads of dishes. Fussed at kids for watching too much anything. Vacuumed a tiny bit inside. Might have a potential art collaboration—a new thing for me!

Idle thoughts: many online "shops" means more exposure, more hope, more work to deal with. So making limited sets of stuff in the new ones. RedBubble has loveliest interface, simple, not too clunky, fewest products (so easier to make images for). Cafepress lets you tweak for-sale products (price and image changes) but you can't position an image on the thing there—have to do it in the image before uploadign. Zazzle lets you position things when you're putting the image on a product, but you can't edit it once posted. Cafepress lets you make your store look like how you want it. So everyone's different, each has pluses/minuses. Not sure which works best for me yet, if indeed the answer is only one (might not be).

Daydreaming of next Sketchfest already.

Now: I'm going dancing. !!!

The rest of them if I recall correctly... might be forgetting something, somewhere...
Goblin Dreams C Z |  Storm Women Dancing C Z |  Whimsical Dreams C Z | deviantPrints | RedBubble

Hobgoblins? Never! (Well, hardly ever)

Today, I worked all day at a completely nonessential project.
No, really, Neither needed nor lucrative nor even billable.
All day.

And I loved it.

In small benefits, I'm now way faster at customizing Cafepress templates. I know how to use RedBubble. Grumbled at Zazzle's new "mobile-friendly" skin (as if anyone's really editing a shop without a keyboard; I think not.) Poked Mailchimp's equally new and slightly clunky interface (same functions, new skin, nothing fits on my screen right anymore) (actually, that was billable, although it took longer than it ought to have). Applied mental WD40 to my rusty Photoshop skills. Found and reinstalled useful lost bookmarks. Made little favicons. Let my daughter watch more videos than I normally think is wise. Watched her plow through tempura paints and have a glorious time and mess. Gave her a bath. Ignored the news for a day.

I probably should've spent a lot of time outdoors, or playing more games and music. Maybe even doing chores or bookkeeping. Taking the dog for a ramble. Even checking the mail. I'd had vague thoughts of a playground or horses or ponds or lakes.

But Abi just said "This was an awesome day." So who am I to judge?

Intrepid (the persistent ladybug)

Ballpoint and watercolor paper on 60lb smooth Piccadilly sketchbook paper. Done for the prompt "the persistent ladybug" for Sketchfest 38.

I didn't list it for sale there, but it could be.

Oh yeah: Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

Actually, what's really going on is that my grandmother is dying and I'm not ready.

New Buddy? (The _nice_ armadillo)

Black ballpoint on 60lb smooth Piccadilly sketchbook paper. Done for the prompt "the armadillo was very nice, once you got to be friends" for Sketchfest 38.

Original for sale over at Sketchfest, to help support the site: http://www. ellenmilliongraphics.com/ sketchfest/ sketchfestart.php? id=11192

Oh yeah: Art copyright © 2013 Kirsten Talmage

Origami Fairy (for Sketchfest)

Next time, I'm pulling out that old origami photo calendar with stuff in it by Robert Lang. But for a sketch over a morning coffee? OK. (2B mechanical pencil on smooth 60lb Canson sketch paper; scanned about 4.5 x 4 inches of a large sheet). Didn't clean up the scan, so some of those speckles might be on the paper and some might be on the scanner. Not quite sure. If I clean it up sometime I'll do prints.

Original for sale over at Sketchfest, to help support the site: http://www. ellenmilliongraphics.com/ sketchfest/ sketchfestart.php? id=11025

If any one has (or develops) REAL origami of this, I would love to see it (and try it).

Which art?

Which art should I put in the Community Art Show?

Voina ("Воина на березах") (see at http://fav.me/d5rxuwr )
Coffee, Coffee Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink (see at http://fav.me/d5biye1 )