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And it was a day. A long day.

And lo! The car is no longer in the snowbank (thanks to one of my wonderful neighbors), the modem is replaced (thanks GMAVT) (now I can send that report!), the sushi is eaten (thanks, sweetie! (even if you're not on LJ)), the roof and driveway and deck and paths are cleared of 18-24" of snow after about 4 hours of hard work, the girl and I made up after she was extremely 4ish (age appropriately annoying... but then _she_ came into the office to apologize to me! *amazed*), I apologized to my sister for being a moody jerk (I might've phrased it better), the laundry is half-sorted, the dishes 3/4 done, the wood bin is still mostly full, and it was sunny. I am most grateful for my son, who throughout everything, was cheerful and helpful, even though he too was disappointed by some of these events.

It was a day. Here's to tomorrow being mellower. Please.